Hi, Sorry about the long delay in new postings.
I have been down in California, working on my parents home. It was supposed to be a simple job of getting the house ready to paint. You know scrape loose paint, caulk windows & doors, etc. Well the built in gutters were leaking - the solder joints were breaking apart from expansion and contraction, so that was a couple of days work to repair and waterproof.
Then I found termites - that took some demolition, rebuilding and stucco patching to match. I called the painter to let him know there was a hitch in the schedule and the fumigators came next to make sure we got all of the termites. There was evidence (termite poop) of further infestation. I found more work that needs to be done and will require another two week trip, before the painter can get on with his job. Such is the life of a Perpetual Remodeler.

I returned to Washington and finished shingling the front of the house. The gable end was going to look like one giant expanse of shingles, so I decided to add some interest.
I took a bunch of 2 ft. long pieces of 2"x6" and cut them diagonally to make long right triangles. I nailed these to the truss chords and then sheathed the gable end to provide a pop-out and create a nice visual break. I am very happy with the results. It was a bunch of work to try and bend the shingles, without breaking them. I wasn't prepared to build a steamer and try to soften the shingles, so I just pushed really hard and used a lot of extra staples. That's really loads of fun standing on top of an extension ladder. Lots of trips up and down the ladder, it is finally finished.
The whole family loves the finished result. We sat out in front of the house the last two nights and just stared at it as the sun set and cast a warm glow across our freshly shingled home.