Outdoor Structures

      Building an Outdoor Structure is one of the most satisfying types of projects that I take on.    They bring Nature up close and personal, in a practical way.

     Outdoor structures bring a fun element to building, because the materials used are generally rustic and natural.  This structure was built from recycled timbers that were sanded and cleaned to give them a new life.  It sat on the edge of a large pond and offered a great place to gather or go fishing, and be protected from the elements. 
    The pond was well stocked with huge Crappie, Blue Gill and Bass.  My partner Giovann caught some whoppers.  I brought my son over in the evening and he had a great time catching more fish than his dad.  During the work day we would spend our lunch break fishing or watching Heron fishing on the banks of the pond.
     It was fun to design a structure from materials available and then build it using a hybrid system of timber frame joinery and mechanical fasteners.  Earthquake code requires metal fasteners, so timber frame joinery alone, although exceptionally strong will not pass inpection in a seismic zone.  It still does not take away the pleasure and satisfaction of cutting and fitting a sliding dovetail or birdsmouth seat cut in oversize timbers.