A Goofed Up Mess!!

Have you ever wondered why remodels so often cost more than the original bid or estimate?  Well this bathroom remodel had a lot of unanticipated problems, that reared their ugly heads after the old bathroom was demolished.  This looks like a pretty normal electrical box, except for the fact that it was buried in the wall, behind the sheetrock.  This was the work of a previous re-muddeler.   Why is this a problem you ask?  Well if there was ever a problem with a switch, outlet or light not receiving power, it would be impossible to find or track down - because it was buried in the wall and inaccessible. It also is a violation of building code and a fire hazard.

 See the next picture?  I call this an air-splice, no box - no protection, they just wire nut the wires together and bury them inside the wall.  This splice was only two feet from the buried box.

Same bathroom - in the ceiling is an epoxy patch, where the pipe was leaking - the ceiling was black under this pipe, from the constant drip.  The drywall is removed and the wood has been treated to prevent further mold.  The pipe will be replaced with new copper.

Here we go again - another negligent goof up. The wire was cut and left hanging in the wall behind the bath tub.  You won't believe it - but the wire is hot.
This is not the end of the mess - there was another spot where copper pipe and wire were touching and the insulation was worn off of the romex wire down to almost copper to copper contact.  This bathroom presented a major hazard and frustration.  Many times a wall is opened and there are conditions that could not have been anticipated.  These conditions must be repaired and it all takes time and money.  Whenever we run into issues like this, if it is not something minor that can just be handled and incorporated into the job. I always bring in the owner or client and show them what we have found and what it will take to fix it.  Everybody should know exactly how their money is being spent, especially in this economy.

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