Awesome Lumber Deal

The new fossil bed/parking pad is part of an overall remodeling project - "The Car Port" The ceiling above is an in-progress job. I framed it using 2" x 8" joists and decked it with 3/4" OSB T&G Sturdi-floor. On top of that I glued down a EPDM 40 mil. rubber sheet, that is impervious to the elements. The ceiling is clear cedar T&G that I purchased from Lyle Schindler in Tacoma. He is the owner of Schindler Woods, and his prices are nothing less than spectacular, compared to the lumber yards. I purchased all of this T&G in a package deal, fifteen cents a foot if I would take the whole bundle, and accept the waste along with the good. There was between 15-20% of the material that was waste, but the price was only 20% of retail. That works out to a cost savings of 60-70% over lumber yard prices. Lyle is great to work with, and has an extensive background in finish carpentry. He carries many wood products that are difficult to find elsewhere. I also purchased some vertical grain, shiplap paneling that will be featured in a future blog on Craftsman style Interior Trim.

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