Logging Two Tall Trees

Earlier this year Vincent Frey, owner of Black Diamond Tree Service came over from Spokane and cut down a couple of large,tall dangerous Fir trees. These trees were big enough to crush our house in a bad storm and were in the wrong place for any of us to have peace of mind during the big winter storms we have in Puget Sound.
It was a thrilling day watching Vincent climb, limb and top these giants. The coolest part was his skill in cutting logs right off of the stump, and expertly landing them without damaging the logs or the driveway below. These logs are destined to be peeled and built into a gazebo this summer. It is really fun to think about using the logs for something more productive than firewood. Daniel stayed home from school the day Vincent came to take the trees down. It was an awesome educational opportunity to watch a master arborist at work. I was busy on the ground with rigging and pulling limbs out of the way, while Daniel took pictures and had the time of his life.

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