Inexpensive Outdoor Structure

We always need an outside area that is protected from the weather, just to sit and enjoy the outdoors or to entertain. Until recently we did not have a dining room table and ate outside - Rain or Shine, Hot or Cold. The outdoor structure we bought at Target, had definitely outlived its original purpose and it was time for a more permanent structure. My friend Sean gave me some clear polycarbonate panels, that were left over from a job of his. The length pre-determined the size of the structure I would build. I went to Home Depot and bought some 4" x 4"s and 4" x 6"s and cut them all on my sliding compound miter saw. I built the trusses on the ground and gave them a light sanding. By the end of the day the structure was standing, completed except for the the polycarbonate. The roofing was completed with lights and I went to bed tired and satisfied. The following morning Sheila and I ate our breakfast under the protection of our new structure. I need to give it a light sanding and apply a couple coats of finish. I may remove the roofing for this job and re-install it afterwards. It will be difficult to finish around it and the purlins would weather better if the finish was on all four sides.

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