Shingle Siding Finally Started

The house is starting to look more like a craftsman/mission style home and less like a mobile home now that the shingle siding is started. I started with a non-incised pressure treated 2"x8" at the base as a water table ledger and added a 2"x4" sill to the water table. I ripped a 12 degree bevel on the front and back, so that it will shed rain water. The shingles are laid in three five inch exposure courses, then one three inch course to add interest and break the pattern. The windows are trimmed with non-incised pressure treated 2"x4"s. The sill is also beveled 12 degrees and has an apron underneath. I rabbited out a 3/4 inch x 1 1/4 inch space for the shingles to fit into, leaving a clean finish. The short shingles that go into this space are nailed in with galvanized brads, so that the nail heads won't show. For a neat detail on the window frames I cut in square pegs to carry out the mission theme. The pegs were ripped to 1/2" x 1/2" out of some old South American Cherry flooring that I had in the shop. It is not a true Cherry wood, but more similar to Mahogany, so it should hold up to the weather well. There is already felt on the house, so I am only adding felt where it is missing and around windows for additional weather protection. The window trim receives a small copper flashing over the top as an additional precaution. The copper comes from scraps that I have salvaged over the years and held onto.

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