Mission/Craftsman Style Entry

The old entry looked like an old fishing pier, complete with pier poles and rot. It was time to revamp the entry in anticipation of our new shingle siding. Budget is always an issue, so I decided not to hide the pressure treated lumber, but instead feature it. The 6"x6" posts and timber framing have the incise marks right out there where everyone can see them. I don't own a nice band saw yet, so I used a jigsaw with extra long blades to cut out the cathedral arch from pressure treated 4"x12"s. The balustrade uses 1"x6" cedar fence boards that I cut out also with the jigsaw, then eased the edges with a 3/16" radius bit. The ceiling and wainscot are just a mix of standard 2"x4"s, 2"x6"s and 2"x8"s. Daniel being the one with the discriminating eye for color and balance, stained the boards different colors and then we nailed them on to create a random pattern and mix of widths and colors. We were very pleased with the look and low cost of the project. It still needs a couple of coats of finish and more handrail/balustrade, but we will get to that..........some day.

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